Denim On Denim

     The Canadian Tuxedo gets a make-under. Yes, I said "make-under", and yes, I am talking about a notorious fashion faux pas like its a nostalgic piece of history. Although I may never be able to get the spears-timberlake image out of my head, there is something special about an outfit consisting primary out of blue denim. I believe the key is to find pieces with washes that are not matching but effortlessly compliment each other. 
     The Levis I'm wearing have a slight golden washing to them in all the right places, whereas the shirt is a solid, light blue. Maybe the fact that both top and bottoms are definitely oversized makes them work well together too. Not really intentional at all but I seem to be drawn to slightly larger sizes when thrifting lately. You haven't lived until you've felt the comfort of wearing pants that are three sizes too big(this doesn't include jammies). Mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, whatever, they're amazing. More on that later though. 

shirt and pants: vintage, thrifted top: astr boots: rachel comey

     First post complete! This is a new journey for me, something I'm not entirely unfamiliar with but I really wanted to start blogging about thrifted/vintage fashion! Running an Etsy shop, I come across so many pieces that strike an outfit idea, maybe not something I will keep in my closet forever, but its a great way to release some creativity with styling, photography, and maybe even some writing, who knows. Thanks for reading, I'm super excited to see where this goes! 


  1. Love this outfit, I've said it in lookbook, you rock girl!
    I really like to use big pants too, usually my father's hahaha.

    Keep it simple!


    -V: http://mawabi-sabi.blogspot.com.es/

    1. Thank you!! I think its awesome you wear your dad's jeans. :)


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