january is my new favorite month


Happy 2015! I can't believe it's January again, but this year I'm feeling extra inspired and excited for what's to come. This next week I will officially be a fashion marketing student! Just typing that gives me a rush of nostalgia, I guess it's something I've dreamed about since middle school. This will also be a perfect reason to keep blogging!


Last month I picked up this beautiful piece of vintage wool fabric and instantly envisioned creating this top. Boxy, cropped front with an open back. I decided to leave the collar and sleeve hems raw because the material doesn't seem to fray and I think it gives it a softer, more natural look. Sadly, I used up almost every inch of this fabric, no matching pants. BUT, I am hoping to re-create the same design using raw silk soon!

top: handmade by me pants: vintage ankle boots: j. crew

plaidtwo plaid4 plaid3


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