blk jkt

     Sometimes, dreams do come true. I have been waiting to find a vintage, quality leather motorcycle jacket for almost two years now and my patience finally paid off. Now I can fit in at all the teenage punk shows around town! I love the waist belt and big metal zipper, and the cropped cut looks great with anything high waisted. But, I'm not so used to wearing slightly oversized jackets where the shoulders are wider. I have really narrow shoulders so a lot of jackets that look great on the hanger end up fitting too bulky. That may be something that just takes getting used to, like transitioning from three layers of foundation to just a tinted moisturizer, which feels amazing. Also, its beanie season. 

jacket: vintage shirt: made by me skirt: forever21 from 3 years ago boots: rachel comey


  1. The second picture's colors are so great! Cute look. Very relatable. <3

  2. Love this look! That leather jacket is awesome


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